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Explore how Nandico origined, and how our disruptive vision is set to revolutionize the radiology landscape.

A Letter from the Founder

We are for the radiology community, by a radiologist himself

Various PACS softwares had established their presence when I entered the medical field, as a fresh radiologist. I found a pressing pain-point: quality came at exorbitant prices, and affordable softwares often compromised on features. Instead of adjusting to the landscape, I decided to innovate- and pursued the idea of a software which was both: cost-effective and robust. I started Nandico to provide quality at affordable price, having the capability to disrupt the current landscape.

I pitched my idea to my cousin (who was then working in Microsoft), who was impressed by the technical challenges involved of ensuring lossless images, developing a high-speed DICOM viewer and optimising cloud-usage. He was also looking forward to contributing to healthcare and helping in a small way to saving peoples’ lives. Thus began our journey of building a software at the intersection of deep-tech and healthcare, launching Nandico in 2018. The team has expanded, and today consists of advisors who have rich academic backgrounds (IITs, IIMs) as well as profound on-ground experiences, having jointly worked across 5+ sectors in their careers. However, our proposition still remains the following: Nandico is brought to you by a radiologist himself, who understands and empathizes with the pain points and inefficiencies faced by the community. And we are here to change your experience. Once and for all.

Bharat Gupta
CEO & Founder

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