Digitalising healthcare workflow

First of its kind software that will change workflow for radiology saving time and money for patients, manage scans data for long time, help clinicians to discuss cases with colleagues. Decrease turnaround time for radiology reporting

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Our Company

Nandico is a cloud-based (PACS)

We at Nandico aims to bridge the gap between radiologists, clinicians and patients in terms of reporting work and communicating.

Trust as a virtue has consistently played an essential role in every great human achievement. So we thought of creating a system that simply enhance healthcare. 

Our services

Replacing outdated Films & CD concept with cloud-based PACS. Digitalizing the world of Radiology

For Patient
  1. Privacy control for patients
  2. Compatible on devices
  3. Easy sharing for second opinion
  4. Save time and cost of treatment
For Radiologist
  1. Advanced dicom viewer enabled for reporting cases
  2. In built smart editor
  3. Editor enabled with autocompletion
  4. Off hours work control
For Clinicians
  1. Discuss radiology cases with colleagues
  2. Personal dashboard
  3. Manage patient data on follow up visits
For Centers
  1. Automated data transfer
  2. Sharing of cases with patients, radiologist and clinicians via text message or whatsapp
  3. Report management
  4. Mobile compatible document and history attachments for reporting
Our Products

Committed to Quality

  • The films and CD concept is from 1990s. Nowadays, most laptops do not have a CD drive.
  • To view DICOM images in CD, it takes special viewer software.

Anyone with a smartphone or a computer can access PACS without any app or software installation.


Saves a lot of time. Users can send and receive digital images as soon as the scan is done.


Available at a very reasonable price as compare to Films/CDs

Customer Support

We provide full support free of cost during working hours


It is convenient for Radiologist, Clinicians, and Patients to use Nandico

Nandico is a cloud-based (PACS). It allows you to view and
store your patient’s scans on any device, including your
smartphone, laptop, and iPad at very low cost.

Cloud based technology help View, Share, Download, Store your patient data on personal dashboard. Allowing sharing via link with colleagues, which help discuss scans and plan treatment in advance way.

Our Customers

I have used it for more than a year. I don’t need to carry a laptop now. I manage all my work on Ipad with a Bluetooth keyboard. Nandico is very smooth and works even at average network speed. Thanks to Nandico team for comfort in my life.

Dr. bharat jain

Consultant Radiologist and Owner, Kshipra Scans , Udaipur

We are using nandico for more than 3 years. We have records of all scans which can be accessed anytime within few minutes. Patients no longer need to wait for CDs, which is very time-saving for staff, radiologist and clinicians.

Birju Singh

Raipur Radiological Centre, Raipur

Thanks to Nandico for making my life simple and stressfree , I can take care of my radiology cases saving lots of my time even during off hours. Now, discussing radiology cases with my colleagues and clinicians feelow is so easy and real time that I have never imagined before. Thanks for taking such a creative initiative.

Dr Sujeet Verma

Consultant and Owner Radiologist, Medix Diagnostics-Varanasi

Being a IT head at a coorporate hospital. We are facing various workflow problems in many department. Radiology department I feel is most busy department in today’s time. We want to solve our data management concerns and smoothen reporting process. I think it was one of our wise decision to take call on Nandico.


IT Head Tricolor Hospitals, Vadodara


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